Monthly Archives: March 2017

And so the table turns, as does each page….slowly

It’s official…I’m in a slump. I’ve had the stomach flu twice, food poisoning, and a bad reaction to antibiotics. Food has become unappealing, bland, and uninteresting. It has been two months and I have started 3 books. They have been forgettable, boring, and made me avoid my reading time. Even this lover of food and books can admit that sometimes they can get disappointing. So if your taste in books is similar to mine, then here are books I DO NOT RECOMMEND.

Lorrie Moore “A Gate at the Stairs” I really enjoyed Moore’s book of short stories “Birds of America”, and attended a very memorable book event she headlined. Unfortunately, her novel was very disappointing. It was overly descriptive with very little plot action. And yet even the couple of interesting plot points, like adoption and a funeral, were almost skimmed over in their minimal detail. 0/5 bacon strips

George Eliot “Middlemarch” I want to like this book. I like classics. Or at least I thought I did. Maybe I only like Jane Austen considering that is the only classical author I can recall reading with excitement in the past few years. This book is in the top 100 books of all time, and I found a copy with a beautiful illustrated cover. I started “Middlemarch” in mid-January and decided to take a break after finishing Part 1. I have yet to get more than a few pages into Part 2. I’m just not interested. The story is taking too long to flesh out and I’ve already gotten the multiple characters confused. I haven’t quite given up on this one yet but for now, I am giving it a “don’t bother picking this up”. (bacon strips TBA)

Kelly Oxford “Everything is Perfect When You’re a Liar” Sometimes over-the-top stories are hilarious and humanizing like Jenny Lawson’s books. And other times, over-the-top stories highlight stupid decisions, pot-fueled entitlement, and unrelatable decisions. Kelly Oxford’s book of essays was that. After giving it almost a month, I gave up halfway through to try and find a book that would make me enjoy reading again. 0/5 bacon strips

I hope this post helps you narrow down the many book options out there, so your reading repertoire contain more books you love than books that bore. Here is to finding a book that makes me love reading again! And lip-smacking food my stomach won’t reject. (Pancakes are sounding good about now.)