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Savouring an old favourite

Around Christmas, after weeks of reading, I had finally finished Will Ferguson’s “419” and was considering what to read next. Due to baby demands, I found I was only getting a few minutes to read here and there, which made it challenging to enjoy a new timeline. Plus, I was too tired to absorb new information fully. I was looking over my bookshelves and my husband’s copies of The Lord of the Rings stood out to me. Reading a favourite from my past would be a great way to enjoy a read and yet feel comfortable putting it down quickly without worrying about losing my reading momentum. The last time I had read these books was in high school, and yet their characters are beloved to me. I’m sure the movie barrage of J.R.R. Tolkien’s stories over recent years has helped to keep the storylines top-of-mind.

IMG_1484 [25299]

I can remember being in Grade 10 waiting in line to get into the theatre to see Fellowship of the Ring. My male friends were Tolkien fanatics and had purchased tickets weeks in advance. My best friend was dating one of the guys at the time, so she invited me to come with them to see the movie. The boys reluctantly agreed but insisted I needed to read all three of The Lord of the Rings books before seeing the movie. To their chagrin, I was still reading “The Fellowship of the Ring” (the first in the series) while we waited in line. I read through “The Two Towers” and “Return of the King” in quick succession after finishing the first book; not because I felt pressured by the boys, but because I wanted to see what would happen. Would Frodo get into Mordor and destroy the ring? Would Aragorn, Legalos and Gimli be able to save Merry and Pippin from their kidnapping Orcs? And I just loved Sam, Frodo’s faithful companion who sacrifices the comfort of fire and food in a hobbit hole to care for his cherished friend and follow him to the ends of the earth.

Coincidentally, I followed the same reading pattern of The Lord of the Rings this time around as I had all those years ago. It took me over a month to read “The Fellowship of the Ring” (although it didn’t help that during that time I suffered a severely painful injury and my baby went through a horrific sleep regression). After that first book, I got caught up in the story (and my daughter started napping regularly), so I used every moment of my free time to read through the second and third book in just three weeks.

And this is the reason that I like to own books: you can re-read the good ones over and over and over again. The really good books never get old. Just like watching re-runs of your favourite TV show, reading old favourites still bring about the same laughs, gasps and entertainment. If anything, each time I read a favourite, I come to appreciate it more. So if you’ve never read The Lord of the Rings and you like fantasy books, I would definitely recommend picking up this infamous series. Get ready to fall into a world of magic and heroics as Middle Earth battles to free itself from the expanding grasp of the evil Sauron.

What’s your favourite book or series from your past that you find yourself reading over and over again?