Every story needs a beginning

intropicfinalPutting your thoughts into the blogsphere seems to be the thing to do these days and I have decided to join the masses in putting my opinions out into the world (and utilize those university-cultivated writing skills for something). But for the ease of myself and the world already so full of people’s every thought about every action, I will narrow my opinions to one topic…..books. I was reading a post by Lisa Moore and had an “aha!” moment. She describes serious book readers as those people who enter a bookstore and feel “a full-blown belting desire to somehow gulp down all the books and everything that’s in them.” And that is why there was no question that I would be sharing my opinions on books. See, I am one of those book chompers. I would read books all day everyday if I could. When I enter a room full of books whether that’s my apartment hallway of stacked bookcases or the shiny pine-coloured Chapters foyer or the elegant simplicity of an independent bookstore tucked away in some small town, I feel that hunger in my stomach to read. So as I feed my appetite for pages and words, I will be sharing my thoughts on those books. Hopefully, it whets your appetite and introduces some new tastes to your palates. Bon appetit!


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